FULL TEXT: Minister Machakaire Speaks On Circulating Video Dissing Winky D
13 January 2023
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I have seen with growing concern the video circulating on social media. It is quite unfortunate that the video wasn’t shared in its entirety. However, all I am saying is let us not fight artists (Winky D)

Let us respect their art and respect their opinions so long it’s within their constitutional rights. President ED Mnangagwa is saying no to violence, yes to peace. Nyika inovakwa nevene vayo and tisu vene vayo.

If he, or any other artist or youth out there has any challenges or grievances they need addressed our doors are always open to listen to them. I know most young people are unemployed and this is a bone of contention with most of our youth. In Harare alone for example roads in most of our residential locations have deteriorated, City of Harare is failing to provide clean and safe water, traffic lights are not working, stadiums are down, failure to develop working spaces eg Coca Cola. We have identified the problems and we need solutions to these problems which is why I am saying, come let us talk.

I know we have a lot of brilliant minds in our nation and if we put our heads together we can come up with creative and innovative solutions to our problems. The moment we start fighting each other, it distracts from our purpose and instead of moving forward, we are stuck fighting each other where we could expend that energy and creativity into solving our grievances. That is all I am saying.“