Church Leader Blasts Fake Opposition Leaders, Says Mwonzora, Chapman Are “Puppets”
14 January 2023
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Morgan Zvemangororo

Outspoken Masvingo cleric Pastor Isaac Makomichi has denounced Robert Chapman and Douglas Mwonzora for attempting to divide opposition votes in 2023.

Makomichi argues Chapman and Mwonzora are like Muzorewa. He also said opposition people must not give their attention to the “Muzorewa twins” (Chapman and Mwonzora) in 2023.

The clergy says he wants a strong opposition so that Zanu PF bosses will give their best when it comes to economy issues.

The cleric also added that the only real strong Zanu PF opponent is Nelson Chamisa.

“These two are very much Muzorewa twins, they want to confuse people. I’m not a member of any opposition party , my only wish is to have a real strong opposition to put pressure on Zanu PF, the only real opposition is Nelson Chamisa.

Opposition can help Zanu PF to do its best.The Muzorewa twins (Mwonzora&Chapman) must respect Zimbabweans or else they will get zero votes in 2023″ said pastor Isaac Makomichi.

One political analyst described Makomichi’s words as fair.