How Olinda Chapel’s Fallen Into Deep Trouble
14 January 2023
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Dear Editor

It all started on the day Mai Titi got delayed at the airport as she jetted into the UK mid-November 2022.

Felistas Murata complained to her lives that she had been delayed by UK immigration while being grilled on her politics and criminal background. Her first gig was dragged as a result.

The venue was sabotaged due to complaints made to the property owners, who demanded an extra GBP5,000 saying this is because of complaints raised and revelations that commotion might happen.

The organiser, Kay Cee requested for GBP3,000 from sociallite Olinda Chapel.

Halfway through the gig, the property owners returned the money saying we have noticed there is no commotion at all contrary to previous fears.

Olinda Chapel Nkomo went into the function and dished out a few hundred pounds to Mai Titi.

On the 2nd function, everything went well. On that day someone from Ladies Of The UK, walked in during an occasion when Mai Titi refused to greet Olinda Chapel.

On 21st December 2022, there was a birthday for Ketty. Kay Cee was there. Ketty Masomere was there and Olinda started mocking her dress saying it looks like a lace curtain.
On another occasion, the women began another fight, and Mai Titi’s former friend, Patricia Jeke began mocking Ketty’s son. Olinda came out saying children are a no go area.

A back and forth argument was triggered, which resulted in Olinda Chapel saying the function was hers, of which Mai Titi started asking ‘which function?’

Olinda started saying it was her party, and further quarrels were triggered.

The women started fighting. Ketty started insulting Olinda’s mother, saying she didn’t educate her. Mai Titi sent an email laughing at Olinda.

Olinda, responding, screamed back saying: this is evidence that you are the one who sent Ketty. Mai Titi firing back, said: Olinda, you have been after me all this while, and the courts in Zimbabwe said you shouldn’t do this. You came to my function and gave me GBP300, and now what do you want from me?

At the airport, it is you who told immigration people to deport me. At the first venue, it was you behind it, and the 2nd function, it was you as well. At that juncture, someone then came up apologising to Mai Titi, saying, Olinda is the one behind all this, she sent us to sabotage you all this while. That is how all this commotion got triggered against Olinda Chapel.

The women who support Mai Titi are demanding that she apologises.

In December 2022, she says she spent GBP 1 million between Jan and Dec 2022. She says she has a lot of money.

All this is happening at a time when eyebrows have been raised over Olinda Chapel’s physical appearance, with skme alleging she is now looking like a 65y pld woman.

‘She is not looking well, and it seems the surgery was bad on her. Her explanation has been that she is too tired after landing from a foreign trip,’ one subscriber says.

Meanwhile, Olinda’s husband, Tytan’s mother is in the UK, and she is currently stuck because she doesn’t have immigration papers. She is not allowed at Olinda Chapel’s home. To see her granddaughter, Tytan has to take the baby to a McDonald’s.

Another lady who phoned Ketty yesterday, confirms the same thing that Tytan has to go to a McDonald’s to see his mother. –