LEAKED: ZANU Man Threatens Nelson Chamisa
15 January 2023
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You who is called Chikoz, what are you trying to utter saying, leave violence, CCC is a party like ZANU PF. Do you know what war is?

War is winner takes all, and there is collateral damage, we are at war and we are going to war with CCC and you want us … so if it’s reciprocated what will you do? This is the art of war. People take war differently, you take war kindly, fine. But it’s either a win or lose game and you want us to smile. These elders wanted to meet against ZANU PF at their age, don’t they know that we rule? You want us to smile at parents who want to remove my president and we must smile? If you want to say those words, go out of this group, you don’t utter those words to us. We are now clothed with the spirit of war right now, we are going to win this election, blood or no blood. If you want to say CCC is a party like ZANU PF, please bloody remove yourself from this group, and don’t play with us. If your grandmother and pa, put an X against my president, we are going to be hanged, we will lose. We will be hanged by (Nelson) Chamisa.

Why are you saying CCC is a party like ZANU PF? Is it difficult to tell your parents that the ruling party is ZANU PF? So you want us to smile for people who are going to rule against our president? To rule against my party? All this will be stopped…All these Msasa Park structures will be graded. What are you saying on this group this morning? Don’t make me angry. Don’t annoy me. Where are you right now, so I come there right now, so that we start the war you and I, immediately?