ZEC’s Draft Delimitation Report exposes CCC and gift ZanuPF political lifeline
16 January 2023
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By Innocent Ndorikanda| Even though ZanuPF and CCC, the top political parties in Zimbabwe, agree that the draft delimitation report was made in trifle regard of the law as has since been exposed by the parliamentary analysis report, resultantly making ZEC a roo loose on the top of the paddock , the two political outfits’ fears and fortunes will never converge.

If one were to ask about the timing of the draft delimitation report they, probably, would have received two divergent responses from either Zanu PF or CCC.

Through the prisms of Zanu PF
Certainly for ZanuPF the draft report was tabled a day after the fair. It is too little too late in that it goes to unsettle the known figures and trigonometrics relating to how the revolutionary party would claim scalps in the beckoning plebscite . It is an inconvinience to say the least. Zanu PF has done its homework basing on its structural character as it has always employed a cell based campaign and support mobilasation programme. For ZanuPF, known personalities with clear terms of references have been on the ground doing duty and feeding back on the possible outcomes but the report has since collapsed bounderies and the status quo. It is not in the interest of the ruling party to have a reconfigured terrain to trudge along the last lap into the elections for the very obvious reasons .

What the report means to CCC*?

So much any easy attempt to venture into being a truchman for what the report imply to CCC for the very reason that the part stands for nothing meaningful under the sun except that it begrudges the ruling party in every respect. Consequently the report means nothing, yes nothing at all. Its timing is a hair past the freckle. What would it mean to a party without established and known structures that delimitation has upstaged the existing political structures ?…Nothing! I repeat nothing at all. It does not matter in the practice and science of politics but, as is their norm , it has to be criticised in parroting choruses .

A little bit bread but no cheese**

In Britian there is a passarine bird called the Yellowhammer which in America is known as the Northen Flicker , a member of the woodperker . It makes sounds by hamming a known sound which the British call ” a little bit bread but no cheese” . In Zimbabwe , on the other hand, a related image about the Yellowhammer is painted by a political grouping that has no structural organisation but relies for its existence on protesting on everything and anything although without substantial reasons . They emphasise on the “but no cheese” melody – this is how the yellow story is told. Consider this , the Yellowhammer is yellow in its colour and it sings all day about having “bread without cheese.” Comparatively the CCC party ( the yellow movement ) does not see the good in anything that the government does. It sees the bread but complains about the lack of cheese . One wonders forever that if half loaf was better than no bread how about a whole bread but without cheese ? CCC is always fault finding yet bereft of solutions .In the last weeks they have joined forces with ZanuPF in the criticism of the Draft delimitation report. Their impugn on the draft report is as per their tradition and serves no political purpose. They have attacked the report for its legal inadquacies without giving attention to political advantages or anything related. Ofcause the report infracts the law in a number of ways but for ZanuPF the issue is more than being legalistic. It is about political advantages too . CCC are working to drown and trounce their long held position that ZEC is a ZanuPF troll.
Does ZEC manipulate the vote*

The opposition , particularly characters in the CCC party have given,as an excuse for failing to beat ZanuPF in elections , the reason of ZEC rigging on behalf of ZanuPF. Despite having made these allegations without profering concrete evidence , they have had some of the gullible citizens beliving their narrative but that is fast going into dusk if events of previous weeks are anything to go by . Questions have now arisen that if ZEC is really captured by ZANUPF why did it produce a report considered to be adverse to the interests of the ruling party. ZANUPF has since initiated legal proceedings aimed at nullifying the the draft report by ZEC. Unconfirmed reports, also, are that ZEC’s report sent chills down the spine of ZANUPF but this does not assist CCC in anyway, rather it absolves the ruling party from acting in shameful union with the election commision to steal the election. The debacle about the report has let loose the imaginary nexus between ZEC and ZANUPF.
Although CCC sought to discredit ZEC by attacking the report they have done more to show that ZEC makes its own mistakes without manipulation from ZANU PF. Now that both ZANUPF and CCC went at loggerheads with ZEC on the delimitation report what does CCC stand to benefit politically? . For ZANUPF , it is a chicken in every pot in that the report itself would disturb its campaign strategy and therefore discrediting it would distance the ruling party from the perception that there is an evil intercourse between it and ZEC. For CCC on the other hand ,it was a bridge too far to attack the legality of the report without giving a thought about political implications . The review by the parliamentary commitee proved to be both a bane and a boon . A bane for CCC and a boon for ZANUPF. It remains to be seen what the general elections hold but judging from tactical moves in the offing , ZANUPF is much oiled than CCC .
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Innocent Ndorikanda is an experienced journalist and a buding legal mind and he writes in his own capacity

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