Musoro Wegora Prophet Exposed!
18 January 2023
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By A Correspondent

Masvingo controversial preacher Isaac Makomichi is under fire after his teenager client went missing.

It is believed that one teenager went to Makomichi to buy a “musoro wegora” betting charm. After betting with 20 USD he won USD 800.

The teenager reportedly went missing after collecting the money.

Some reports say the boy went on a shopping spree and some postulate he might go mad of because of overdose of musoro wegora charm that inspires someone to dream the lucky number or soccer score line.

Makomichi says he uses milk but it said that the milk is mixed with musoro wegora and some other Ghanaian charms.

Social media reports say some thieves,dealers, slayqueens and politicians also collect charms from Makomichi.

“Ndizvo zvataitaura kuti simba anaro asi anoshandisa mushonga not minamato, saka Makomichi in’anga haasi muporofita,musoro wegora anobva nayo Ghana kwaanoinda” said one church leader who described Makomichi as a pure black magician.