Mnangagwa Reduces Self To “Village Head”
19 January 2023
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Tinashe Sambiri| Controversial preacher Passion has reduced by the Zanu PF leader Mr Emmerson Mnangagwa to a ghetto youth.

Java is doing as he pleases at State House and many believe the preacher is toying around with Mr Mnangagwa.

The cleric took Nigerian artist D’banj to State House to interact with Mr Mnangagwa.

See below comments on Java’s recent flitartion with Mr Mnangagwa.

MJ Zhou:
“He is not even known and recognised worldwide, only what he knows is to make millions of Zimbabwean people suffer a very useless president.”

Malcolm Moyo:
“ED is slowly becoming Charlie Chaplin the joker.”

Jack Mazivanhanga:

“Ed same same nemasabhuku haana value bhobho ave asinatime nemapenzii.”

Bridet Zulu:

“Zim economy is in the coma already and this man ed should have made some efforts by sharing ideas with likes of Congolese and zambian presidents on how they could improve Zimbabwe him has preferred to be mingling with the stars he used to admire when he was a normal minister, and this does not benefit the people of zim in anyway, mr ed kindly give power to the young and vibrant leaders and they will take care of you as a great leader if you do only that for Africa.”

Fidelis :
“What a humiliation this Java is making our President.”