Rising Zim Musician Releases Sizzling Song
19 January 2023
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By A Correspondent

Rising musician and songwriter Lewin Muzvonda also known as Lewin Muz is set to release a sizzling song titled Why Not.

The song will be released on 23 January 2023.

Lewin Muz is also working on releasing a new album in May.

“This track is part of an upcoming album which I intend to release in May 2023,” the soft-spoken musician said.

WLewin Muz is an Afro Pop artist from Zimbabwe born in Mutare and raised in Bindura.

Lewin Muz started singing at the age of 8, that time he was playing Marimba instruments.

He Continued playing Marimba all the way to Churchill Boys High where he did Form 1 to 6.

“We performed at quite a number of events which included weddings, corporate meetings, fun days etc with the Churchill Band Crew.

Some of my crew members were Gary Tight, Ishan Ril Baad, Tino Mudepu to name a few.

Churchill High School has done quite a good job in grooming talents I can say.

During high school thats when I started recording my own music at home though I wasnt publishing it.

I enrolled for BEng Production Engineering at Chinhoyi University of Technology where I kept on personally learning about producing music and nurturing my vocals.

From there I relocated to South Africa where I started a career as a Software Developer,” Lew Muz said.

He lived in South Africa for about 3 years and moved to Dubai, where he is currently based with his family and working as an IT Executive in the Fitness Industry.

The musician added :
“Last year 2022 I worked on a single Attention which was mainly promoted on Spotify and this year I have sat myself to release and promote an album which includes the prelease single .Why Not*coming is up on 23 January officially on all platforms.

I produced Why Not myself but I look forward to working with various artists and producers for the album.

I have already started planning with a few established artists for features and I believe great things are on the way.”

“I am an artist, I write songs from logic and sometimes personal experiences but not always. I enjoy curating expressions through lyrical content. Most of my tracks are focused on affection and love but I also like giving people motivation and advise about day to day life experiences. I have done an indipendent single called Play On which should be available on music platforms this month. I recorded this song 3 years back but hadn’t published yet. It talks about how tough a path to success can be, and how one should keep up the energy to stand tall even when the world energies are fighting against your progress.

I love doing music more than anything else. Though I find myself doing Software Development trying to balance my economics, my heart lies on music.

I look forward to making massive tunes, that seat at people’s hearts. Zimbabweans and non-Zimbabweans.

I look forward to taking Zim Music far, linking up with global artists. Thats my objective and I believe with more networking and hardwork it will come to happen,” declared the youthful musician.