Mwonzora Performs U Turn, Agrees With National Council That Makes Chamisa Legitimate Tsvangirai Successor
20 January 2023
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By Farai D Hove | The leader of the state assisted break away MDC T party, Douglas Mwonzora yesterday performed a u turn to suddenly support the National Council institution that appointed his nemesis Nelson Chamisa Acting President of the MDC T in 2018.

Mwonzora’s party was created on the sole basis and accusation that Chamisa should have disobeyed the party’s National Council Resolution that made him Acting President after the death of MDC founder Morgan Tsvangirai.

Will he now return the party finances money and the keys to the Harvest House building since he (Mwonzora) has done exactly what he has for years accused his nemesis and former leader Nelson Chamisa of doing- to follow a National Council Resolution?

Speaking to the state owned ZTN broadcaster, Mwonzora defended himself for suspending his compatriots Elias Mudzuri and co, saying:
“I have expelled people from the party for corruption. I’ve expelled people from the party for violence.”

After he was asked by Andy Hodges for clarification on the charges, Mwonzora responded saying: “The charges range from violence and planning violence, number 1. Taking the party to court, number 2. And there is a resolution of the National Council that if you take the party to court, you have expelled yourself, use domestic remedies. Number 3, colluding with forces which are hostile to the MDC, and you will be interested to note that some of these forces are in the opposition; some of these forces are in government, and some of these people were colluding with these people, and number 4, attempting to circumvent a democratic process; we have had a congress, and you have not made it and you want to reverse that, we have domestic remedies. And of course planning a split of the party and some of them planning to form another political party…”