Season Of Celebration Upon Us : President Chamisa
21 January 2023
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Tinashe Sambiri| Zimbabweans shall celebrate victory from Zanu PF oppression after the 2023 polls, CCC leader President Nelson Chamisa has said.

According to the CCC leader, the Zanu PF regime cannot postpone the people’s victory.

Mr Emmerson Mnangagwa’s new dispensation has dismally failed to transform the economy.

Zimbabweans are grappling with deepening political and economic woes.

On Thursday President Chamisa said in a statement:

“ONE DAY AND SOON, we will wake up to wild joyful celebrations and it will be so good, beautiful and wonderful in a New GREAT ZIMBABWE.

We will make the world headlines for winning against all odds.The euphoria will surpass the 1980 independence celebrations!Zimbabwe,get ready.”

He also paid tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr:

The legacy of Rev Dr.Martin Luther King Jr. is an inspiration for many in the struggle for dignity,equality,justice and freedom.May the world be free from all forms of oppression.A New Great Zimbabwe with freedom & justice for all shall be a befitting tribute to his great legacy.