Rutendo Matinyarare On Video Exposing KaGame ka Mnangagwa
24 January 2023
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What publicist Rutendo Matinyarare says in the above video, Rwanda’s President Paul Kagame has done, Emmerson Mnangagwa has done 7 times since 1983 – 2022.

1983: Gukurahundi ritual genocide to punish opposition for causing climate change.

Creating fake terrorists like Richard Gwesela (mere state agents) in order to justify genocide.

1987 – Unity Accord, cover up for the genocide.
2003 genocide.
2008 genocide.
2008 coup against Morgan Tsvangirai, and boasting on video after executing it.

2017 coup against Robert Mugabe.

2018 coup against Nelson Chamisa.

2019 crackdown.

2020 public threats of genocide against Chamisa’s supporters in Kuwadzana, to punish them for stopping the rain.

RAPINGS : Hundreds of women raped while their kids are watching.