Muvevi Gunned Down Nyarai Round ?
26 January 2023
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A HARARE man who was arrested for allegedly murdering an Eastlea man on November 19 last year had his charges withdrawn before plea after police arrested former cop Jaison Muvevi for the same murder allegations.

Nyasha Eusen had his case withdrawn before plea by Harare magistrate Dennis Mangosi after spending two months in remand prison.

The State yesterday told the court that they are withdrawing the matter before plea for lack of evidence.

According to the State papers, on November 19, last year, at around 0900 hours one Eusen was in the company of the deceased at Clan Court, Eastlea, Harare when they met Muvevi.

While there, Muvevi withdrew his pistol and shot deceased Nyarai Round once on the head for no apparent reason.

Eusen tried to run away, but was caught and Muvevi forced him into his Toyota Allion.

It is alleged that Muvevi, in the company of two other unknown men, drove his vehicle to Huruyadzo shopping centre in Chitungwiza.

Eusen reportedly then managed to later escape.

The police arrested Muvevi in Hwedza after he had killed three people, including police inspector Maxwell Hove.- NewsDay Zimbabwe