Mliswa Blasts Rimbi Tours For Taking Govt To Court
28 January 2023
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Norton legislator Temba Mliswa has blasted bus operator Rimbi Tours for taking the government to court following the revocation of their operating license.

Last week, government moved in to revoke Rimbi Tours and Zebra Kiss operating license after the two buses were involved in an accident while racing along Harare-Nyamapanda road. The accident claimed one life.

Following their suspension, Rimbi Tours challenged by ban in court while Zebra Kiss took the dialogue and have since been allowed back on the road.

Posting on Twitter, Mliswa said Rimbi Tours was just overzealous in taking government to court.

“Have read that Rimbi Buses has now taken Gvt to court. Thats a very poor decision. One cardinal rule is that in everything try and avoid fighting the Gvt. You will never win. These Rimbi Buses guys are simply being overzealous in taking Gvt to court.

“Transport Minister Mhona is himself a lawyer who understands these things and wouldn’t have made this decision hastily and without due diligence. The bus operators should simply admit that they were wrong, carry their cross and redeem their losses later.

“This excitable move to go to court is poor advise from their lawyers. Mabhazi anoita makonzo nazvo izvi. The best move for Rimbi buses now is to withdraw that case as soon as possible and engage Gvt properly.

“The very act of contesting the suspension in court doesn’t augur well for their PR. You have been culpable in the loss of lives& now you contest in court against due punishment. That doesn’t speak of repentance. They should be taking corrective measures in their company,” said Mliswa.