Desperate Mnangagwa Launches Hairdressers For ED
30 January 2023
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HAIRDRESSERS for Economic Development are inviting hairdressers around Bulawayo to come and join their organisation so they can benefit and expand their businesses.

The organisation is going to be formally launched sometime in February and has over 3 000 members at the moment.

The organisation is working towards getting land where hairdressers can build their own saloons and start working towards exporting their own hair brands made in Zimbabwe.

The National Hairdressers4ED chairman, Archibald Siziba said they are not only inviting hairdressers but also everyone who offers beauty enhancing services.

“We are going to push for hairdressers and beauticians to get land where we can grow our businesses. We are working towards exporting hair products and even getting nail machines that will allow us to make our own nails instead of importing them. We have done our research and we know it is possible to do this, that is why we are calling upon more hairdressers and beauticians to join us,” said Siziba.

He said the organisation will work towards addressing the challenges that most hairdressers face.

Ms Ferosa Ismail, the Bulawayo chairperson for the organisation said they are looking forward to growing the organisation.

She said the organisation will be giving full support to every hairdresser so that they can expand their businesses.

A member of the organization Ms Keresia Dagwaira said she is very happy they are going to be coming together as hairdressers and beauticians to address the challenges they come across.

“We are looking forward to having a stand at this year’s ZITF that will help us grow and be able to achieve all our economic goals. Most people know that hairdressers are gossipers so as an organisation we are going to push for hairdressers to start gossiping about economic things which will help us to reach 2030 while economically developed,” she said.

Source: State Media