Watch : President Chamisa Overshadows Mr Mnangagwa
30 January 2023
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Tinashe Sambiri|CCC leader President Nelson Chamisa has pledged to end the incessant brain drain bedeviling the country.

The CCC leader on Saturday described brain drain as a worrying trend.

“Those who are leaving ZIMBABWE out of our sad & bad circumstances, please get ready to be coming back soon.

Those who are unsure &doubtful, trust our compass and method.Only if you knew what I know! We will turn this country exciting & great in no time! @ANewGreatZimbabwePlan,” President Chamisa said in a statement.

“THANK YOU FELLOW CITIZENS.. So, I went into this shop and this…I don’t take your love and affection for granted. Wherever I go I see this wholesome, awesome, refreshing and humbling love ..God bless you! #OnePeople #HappyAgain #Godisinit,” he added.