10 Years In Prison For Stealing Copper Cables
31 January 2023
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BEITBRIDGE – A Beitbridge man, Sailas Stewart Maodzeke (34) has been sentenced to 10 years in jail for stealing electricity copper cables at the border town’s duty free shop.

He was convicted by Regional Magistrate Innocent Bepura.

Prosecutor Claude Tadzembwa said on December 6, 2022, the accused went to the Duty Free Shop where he dug copper cables which supply and distribute electricity around the shop. Maodzeke went on to cut the cables from the household electricity distributor box.

He tried to run away when he was spotted and was caught by border security Gwinyai Chibururu with the assistance of his son Elvis Chibururu and handed over to Police. Police recovered one pliers and one blade which was used by the accused to steal copper cables. It is then that he was found with someone else’s passport.

Maodzeke was also ordered to pay ZWL$10 000 fine or 10 days imprisonment for unlawful position of a passport belonging to Silvester Tinos Makuyu.- Masvingo Mirror