Mnangagwa Announces Election Dates
1 February 2023
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By-President Emmerson Mnangagwa has announced that the 2023 elections might be held in July.

Zimbabwe braces itself for the decisive poll — the second since Mnangagwa ousted the late long time ruler Robert Mugabe in a military coup in November 2017.

Speaking at the Zimbabwe-Belarus instruments of cooperation signing ceremony held at State House yesterday, Mnagagwa said the 2023 harmonised elections may be held in July. He said:

Zimbabwe will soon hold elections, sometimes in July possibly.

Let me assure that since independence, Zimbabwe has never omitted to hold elections every five years.

Mnangagwa said the ruling ZANU PF party has been ‘dominating’ elections since independence and the 2023 poll is no exception. He said:

We have elections and ruling party Zanu PF has been winning all those elections and we will continue winning.

Last time, 59 parties contested and we had 23 presidential contestants. This is beautiful. The more the people who want to be president, the merrier it is.

I don’t know who wants to contest this but the contest is open to everyone. Zanu PF is confident that we will win.