Citizens Celebrate President Chamisa’s 45th Birthday
3 February 2023
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President Chamisa @ 45: I Am Ready For Fresh Start

45 YEARS of Grace,Preparation,Testimonies and Blessings.

I say #Godisinit because @45 God has fortified me. New things always begin on our birthdays. @45 signifies new things, suddenness,celebrations and fresh starts. Friends,help me pray for wisdom to serve honestly and diligently.

Thank you all my dear friends for your amazing warmth, awesome love and incredible support!! #Godisinit #WeAreIn. – Nelson Chamisa

Fellow Zimbabweans. Today we celebrate the birth of a leader, our Change Champion in Chief & the incoming President of Zimbabwe Advocate Nelson Chamisa

Life is a gift from God. So we thank God for blessing us as a people with a man of peace & love in the person of President Chamisa

We in the democratic alternative will do everything we can to mobilise millions of Zimbabweans to vote for Adv Chamisa as the next President of our beloved land

Mr President as we celebrate your birth, please bear in mind that you carry on your shoulders the hopes, & collective aspirations of the people of Zimbabwe!

All we can say is thank you Lord Jesus Christ for indeed this is our year as a people & you Mr President will be the occupant of Number 1 Chancellor Avenue otherwise known as State House!

Its Time for Real Change!- CCC