Solar Energy Way To Go
3 February 2023
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Solar energy is an alternative to traditional electricity sources and can reduce your reliance on the ZESA grid for power. Our team (Ultimate Power Pvt Ltd) provides solar installation services that can provide you with clean, renewable energy from the sun. Plus, we have a range of spare parts available if you need replacements down the line.

Our Backup Power solution gives you peace of mind knowing that when unexpected events cause blackouts you won’t be left without lights or electricity until power is restored. Furthermore, our selection of dependable spare parts will ensure any replacement needs are quickly met so installations don’t suffer delays waiting for parts order processing times.

All services provided by our team come with strict quality control standards to guarantee reliability and expected performance levels delivered every time no matter how big or small your solar project requirements may be! From manufacturing materials through to delivery processes everything meets all local regulations laid out by ZESA standards plus includes full customer support options too should post-installation issues occur.

As Ultimate Power Pvt Ltd we do installations and supplies for the following:

  1. Solar and backup power systems
  2. Pump installations (solar and Zesa powered submersible and booster pumps) including tank mounting and associated plumbing
  3. Electrical connections (tubing, wiring etc) for commercial and residential

So we do fix and supply jobs. We also plan to open a hardware but thats outside Harare that will stock the materials we use for the scopes of work i mentioned above

Please pay us a vist at:

160 Samora Machel Road (corner 7th and Samora

Takudzwa Mugadza, Technical Sales Engineer…