Practical Business Tips
7 February 2023
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By Nick Masaiti

Ever since you started your small business six months,one year or 2days ago, you’ve never posted it on your Facebook Profile , WhatsApp Status or even engage advertising agents for marketing .

You are expecting customers to come to you miraculously.

When we ask you why you don’t post, you give silly excuses such as, “I’m shy” or “I’m protecting my personal brand”. I don’t have money …

Protecting your personal brand .

Stopping advertising because you want to save money is like stopping a clock just because you want to save time .

If you want your business to succeed shamelessly promote it. Also YungNation is there to help you to create better ads for you and your business

The marketplace will not reward you for being relaxed or being ‘shy’ contact YungNation at +263779357056

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