Shadaya Gets The World Talking, Misogynistic Tweet About Rihanna Generates Over 20 Million Impressions
17 February 2023
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Local social commentator, Tawona Shadaya popularly known as Shadaya Knight has incensed international social media users after his February 16 post in which he insinuated that American RnB singer Rihanna was the man in her relationship.

Not only did the tweet anger Zimbabwean women, but the global community including American citizens with verified accounts who could not ignore the vile that the now popular socialite spewed.

This resulted in the tweet getting over 20 million impressions, over 4500 comments, 950 retweets, 7358 quote tweets and 7200 likes- a feat which could be deemed a first by a Zimbabwean social media user.

The emasculation of men continues…you can already tell who the man is in this relationship…that dude about to be a proud mother of 2.