Gutu CCC Members Acquitted
18 February 2023
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Gutu CCC members acquited
…meanwhile, Hon. Mugidho, Mrs Chikwiriro and Dhangu donate wheel chair to a community member.

16 February 2023

By Wezhira Munya

Today, Gutu magistrate Ndlovu acquitted two Citizens Coalition for Change members: Mr Tinotenda Makumbe, aged 20 years, and Mr Nhamo Makumbe, aged 45, today.

Mr Tinotenda is the son to Mr Nhamo Makumbe.

Renowned human rights lawyer, Advocate Martin Mureri successfully represented these two CCC members.

The two CCC members were falsely accused of assaulting a Zanu PF member, Deadly Poronoria, on 11th November 2021 in Michigain Bar, Gutu.

CCC members – the Makumbes informed the court that they were beaten by Zanu PF members for wearing their party regalia.

It is widely observed that Zanu PF members have developed an art of lying that they are being beaten by CCC members. However, the courts have detected such lies.

Mr John Makumbe said that “I am happy that we were acquited by the magistrate. The magistrate found me and my son not guilty. What is painful is that, Zanu PF members beat us and they were not arrested.”

Furthermore, the accused informed the court that Zanu PF youth namely: Jonathan Magomo, Admire Chimuka, Tawanda Sarukore and complaint Deadly Poronoria are the ones who beat them.

The Zanu PF youth members told the Makumbes that “CCC is a banned political party in Gutu. Therefore, they must no wear CCC regalia in Gutu.”

Dr. Munyaradzi Chidarikire a social scientist said, “Political party members should not abuse police and courts to settle their battles. Political party members should respect each other and no violence must be used.”

Last year, Zanu PF youth assaulted CCC members in Gutu. Cases of politically motivated violence have escalated in Gutu. In related circumstances, Bulawayo CCC councillor Arnold Batsirai Dube was nearly killed by Zanu PF youths in Gutu during President Chamisa’s visit to Gutu. Similarly, CCC Gutu councillor, Wickleaf Matindike was falsely arrested by police for illegally possessing a gun.

On a separate note, CCC Chiredzi champions, honourable Mugidho, Mai Chikwiriro and Tendai Dhangu donated a wheel chair to ward 19 resident, Vivian Anesu Mareya, who cannot walk.

One Chiredzi resident Magret Shoko said that “my heart is touched by Citizens Coalition for Change members who donated wheel chair to Vivian. She is now mobile. May God bless honourable Mugidho, Mai Chikwiriro and Tendai Dhangu.”

As such, CCC under leadership of President Nelson Chamisa is pro-poor and geared to stand with those from marginalized backgrounds.