Exercise Due Diligence In Mining
21 February 2023
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If you see a Mining property that you are interested in please don’t engage into any transactions without exercising due diligence.

Mining properties deals are very different from say buying a television where one can just buy without thoroughly checking or scrutinising.

When dealing with mining properties, no matter how sweet talked you have been please engage via a company that does mining consultancy that has specialists in the field you will be surprised how much information you will gather pertaining that property…… the responsibility is on yourselves to investigate thoroughly before paying any money because once you pay out money it can never be recovered so beware.

We at Inner Core Resources Mining Consultancy offers a wide rangr of mining services including

1) Mining Consultancy – for any questions and help regarding mining
2) Geological services – From Exploration
3) Mining services and Engineering services – Mine Planning, evaluation and designs
4) Mineral processing and Environmental Management.

Inner Core Resources Private Limited can be contacted through its partner Three Wingers Enterprises.

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