Practical Business Tips
22 February 2023
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With Nick Masaiti

When you are selling a box of cereal on a supermarket shelf, you are not just competing with other cereal brands on the same aisle. You are competing with all the other 1000+ brands in that supermarket.

Until recently, it’s been reasonable to assume that the way to make customers remember a brand is to differentiate it from its competitors: “Our mobile app has more features, and the other guys don’t.” But your competition isn’t just the other guy’s app.

When you sit down to create a new product or service, you are competing with every brand out there. You’re competing with every marketing message that’s running on every platform on every device on the face of the planet.

You’re competing for attention with every commercial ever aired, every text message ever sent, each billboard on every road, the entire bandwidth across the radio, and every one of the 100 quadrillion pixels on the Web.

All those other Businesses want a piece of your customer’s attention. And they’re going to get it at your expense. Seen from this perspective, through the teeming forest of brands vying for customers’ attention, “cutting through the clutter” may require more than just giving your brand a simple USP.

It calls for a big, noisy, smoking chain saw. But that full-page advert in the big papers isn’t what I mean by a chain saw.

The chain saw you need is guts to be different.

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