Chibaya Defies Police
23 February 2023
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Fearless CCC National Organiser Chibaya and party members defy police

…As police try to disrupt rally

Wezhira Munya

21 February 2023

CCC hardworking and dilligent National Organiser, honourable Amos Chibaya held a successful rally against police disruptions in his Mkoba constituency this past Sunday, 19th February 2023.

The rally was initially cleared by police. However, after masses turned out, the police panicked and sent armed riot forces to disrupt it (See riot police in pictures attached to this article).

Remarkably, fearless CCC cadres led by national organizer Chibaya and national youth taskforce coordinator Takudzwa Ngadziore defied the police and continued with the rally.

Political analyst Dr Munyaradzi Chidarikire urged the police to give all political parties equal opportunities to campaign and hold political meetings as Zimbabwe heads to hold it’s 2023 harmonized elections in the next few months.

Ngadziore encouraged youths to register to vote, vote and defend their vote.

He addressed the rally after having addressed five youth rallies and held press conference in Masvingo province.
At the Mkoba rally, honourable Chibaya encouraged Gweru residents to register to vote for President Nelson Chamisa.

Meanwhile, Chibaya has been tormented and tortured by Zanu PF and police many times but he has remained steadfast.