Reinforcing Proper Mining Investment
26 February 2023
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Business Correspondent| Two Zimbabwean companies have put in place a strategic partnership to foster proper investment in mining.

The companies, Inner Core Resources Private Limited and Three Wingers Enterprises, are keen to turn mining into a lucrative sector in Zimbabwe and beyond.

A representative of Inner Core Resources said on Monday:

“Anything related to mining we can assist. We have a team of experts in various departments and we deal with a variety of issues. Even those who seek to learn about mining and how to invest can contact us.”

“Any mining related baby (Issue), we can help…

Those who want to buy mining equipment and don’t know which ones to use, where to get the best equipment, we can assist.

Mining Equipment selling for those who want to set up milling plants,” said the official.

Inner Core Resources can be contacted through its partner Three Wingers Enterprises.

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