Aspiring US President Vows To Cut Aid To Zimbabwe
27 February 2023
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United States of America’s former Governor of South Carolina Nikki Haley has threatened to cut aid to Zimbabwe, Belarus and Pakistan because of their association with China and Russia.

Haley is running to become the next President of the United States of America under the Republican ticket and is due to battle it out with her former boss Donald Trump.

“Belarus, in the pocket of Russia.

Zimbabwe, in the pocket of China.

Pakistan, in the pocket of China.

Cut all their aid,” tweeted Hiley.

Meanwhile, Haley’s tweet attracted heavy criticism with former Zimbabwe cabinet minister Professor Jonathan Moyo reminding her that Harare does not get any aid from the US government.

“You are crazy. You mean you don’t know that Zimbabwe does not get any aid from Uncle Sam save for what your predatory government and its ilk call “humanitarian aid” given to its regime change NGOs? And you wanna be US President? Come on. Wakeup. China is the new global normal!,” said Moyo.

Other Zimbabweans joined in, telling Haley off while others said Harare did not need aid from the US.