Mnangagwa Must Allow Opposition To Campaign Freely
27 February 2023
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By Leonard Koni

A democratic Zimbabwe cannot be built on undemocratic processes like violation of the constitution, continuation of Zanu PF poor policies, violence, lack of respect of the rule of law and abuse of human rights.

President Mnangagwa government’s must abide by the constitution and allow the opposition to campaign freely. Zimbabwe cannot afford to have another disputed 2023 election.

Our democracy can be richer and stronger if every political party in the country is given a fair access to the media allowing them to gather unhindered and unharmed.

In terms of political repression, arresting political opponents, poor governance, banning of NGOs, mutilation of the constitution the Zanu PF government under this new republic has broken the record.

In November 2017 President Emmerson Mnangagwa said “the voice of the people is the voice of GOD” literally meaning that whatever people cried for he is supposed to incline an ear. Today Mnangagwa has changed goal posts and has become another Idi Amin of Zimbabwe.

Currently the regime is using dirty tactics like using the Zimbabwe Republic Police to ban CCC campaigning rallies and meetings.

They always say Citizens Coalition of Change is a structureless party but they deploy armed riot police to block their rallies.

Zanu PF government knows that they have no political clout and have ran out of new ideas to lure the electorate.

By stopping Nelson Chamisa to hold rallies punishing his supporters through jailing them and weaponisation of the law, the regime is actually scoring own goals.

The willful violation of the constitution of Zimbabwe, manipulation of the voters roll is a cause of concern.

For the past twenty or so years, we seem determined to miss every opportunity to showcase what Zimbabwe would have been like had it not been for political bickering and resistance to change.

Regression after independence shouts from rooftops what no descendant of Africa wants to. What we are witnessing right now in the country are symptoms of a failed economy.

Its all cheap propaganda that Zanu PF government is signing mega deals, investors are flocking into the country and the mantra that the country is open for business.

The finance industry is now a pale shadow of what it used to be. What brought down the economy needs addressing. There is no country in the world that had managed to flourish uts economy when there is political instability. Where the opposition is treated like an enemy of the state.

Unfortunately, there is still finger pointing the culture strangling Zimbabwe is not far from being solved.