Mwonzora Recalls Norton Councillors
1 March 2023
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MDC T under Mwonzora recalls 3 Norton Councillors

28 February 2023

Wezhira Munya

MDC T led by Mwonzora fires three Norton councillors yesterday.

The recalled councillors are: Clr Rosemary Chinoyera ward 9; clr Muchaneta Munyeveri ward 3 and Charles Dube ward 2.

In a letter dated 27th February 2023 to Norton town clerk, the Minister of local Government and Public Work Moyo said, “I wish to inform that l am in receipt of a letter from Movement for Democratic Change (MDC T) stating that the following councillors have been expelled from the party…..”

Furthermore, the recall specialist Mwonzora, also recalled Senator Mudzuri few weeks ago.

MDC T has expelled more than 450 elected officials since Mwonzora took over presidency.

No political party since 1980, have recalled more elected representatives than MDC T led by Mwonzora.

Mwonzora deserves 2018-2023 recall specialist award.

Interesting, MDC T under Mwonzora got zero votes during by elections. Rather that uniting the party and mobilize more voters as 2023 harmonized elections draw near, unstrategic Mwonzora is firing people.