Passion Java: I Accurately Prophesied Nigeria Election Winner, President
1 March 2023
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By Farai D Hove | Within hours of Nigeria’s election results announcement, controversial ZANU PF publicist Passion Java has come out to say that he predicted who would be president.

Bola Ahmed Tinubu was elected president.

Java posted the below video saying God told him who would be voted in as president. It comes at a time when analysts for over fifty years running have continued predicting that only the elite will win, meaning a Tinubu win is just an obvious probability .

Says Java in the below undated clip:

“I will be coming to Nigeria soon, this coming year. We are going to storm Nigeria with fire.

“And in Nigeria I already saw the elections when I prophesied international day of prophecy and I saw this man with glasses and the name was like T, and I saw him walking into power, this February.

“We we will in the future, we are the prophetic, and prophets are hiding scared to say it.

“But me we know what happens, so we say it.

“But this one is walking into power 100% guaranteed.”