Investigations For Seke Teachers College
2 March 2023
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By A Correspondent- Seke Teachers College is under investigation by the Competition and Tariff Commission (CTC).

The college is accused of producing branded attire that it forces students to buy. CTC said in a statement:

The Competition and Tariff Commission has commenced investigations into alleged restrictive practices by Seke Teachers College as defined in terms of Section 2 of the Act…

Seke Teachers College allegedly forces students to buy branded protective clothing and sporting attire exclusively from the college, reported The Sunday Mail.

It is claimed that students who buy college attire from alternative suppliers remain indebted to the institution for the same value for uniforms.

The college reportedly withholds diploma certificates for students who fail to clear the debt. CTC said:

The commission’s preliminary concerns are that other colleges or tertiary learning institutions may be engaging in similar restrictive practices that affect students.

The alleged restrictive practices may result in students being restricted from exercising their right to choose suppliers of college clothing attire.