CCC Blasts Jonathan Moyo
3 March 2023
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Jonathan Moyo must shut up! CCC Namibia fumes.

01 March 2023

Citizens who are residents of Namibia are scorning the futile attempt by the politically inept Jonathan Moyo to hoodwink the unsuspecting masses through paddling pathological lies that the only political behemoth that is illegally banned from conducting rallies is clueless. It is foolhardy to believe that CCC Zimbabwe has no proper plan given the resounding “mugwazo” which is mobilizing, recruiting, and radicalizing citizens to register, elect and protect the vote in July/August this year.

Namibia district is cognizant of the fact that Jonathan Moyo is trying to appease the regime that chased him for the motherland for supporting the late corrupt and ruthless President Robert Mugabe. Citizens are not going to be deterred or swayed by his insatiable appetite to be accepted back into the desperate regime that has started our country down the slopes of hyperinflation and senseless corruption.

We jubilate when ZANU-PF and their sympathizers are completely disturbed by our strategies toward the watershed elections. When ZANUPF and its bootlickers are not impressed, Citizens Coalition for Change will be on track. Namibia district has the conviction that the strategy of the peoples’ party is very effective since the Harare regime and its dogs are jumping from pillar to pole demanding a purported organized alternative with the potential to defeat them. Citizens should not be fooled by this stupid crap from political refugees such as Jonathan Moyo who skipped the borders into Mozambique to escape from the sadists.

The frustrated and desperate Moyo must calm down and watch the country’s beloved diligent leader constitutionally taking power in the impending harmonized elections. Why are our rallies being banned if we don’t have a plan? Why are change champions tortured, butchered, arbitrarily arrested, and enduring long pre-trial detentions like Hon Job Saro Wiwa Sikhala who was jailed on the 14th of June 2022? The continued politically motivated violence perpetrated by ZANU-PF thugs on our members is a clear testament that CCC is the alternative government and Satanists have pressed the panic button.

Jonathan Moyo must go to hell now! He should leave our party alone. There is nothing secret in our movement. We have a pragmatic and organic approach to the national democratic revolution. Who are the victims of ZANU-PF-sponsored violence if we don’t have structures? The vibrant and energetic President made it point blank that structures are known by the members. Insiders are quite resolute in their leaders, only ignorant villagers such as Jonathan Moyo and cronies suppose that there are no structures.

Job Saro Wiwa Sikhala has served jail before the conviction and political failures want to convince people that their party has no plan, that is beyond nonsense. We shall continue to urge ZANUPF to level the political field ahead of the historic elections. Victory is certain under the leadership of change champion in chief President Advocate Nelson Chamisa.





CCC Namibia Rundu Branch
Interim Spokesperson
Robson Ruhanya