CCC Defies Mohadi
3 March 2023
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Today, Masvingo  City Councillors denounce  the invitation of Zanu-PF Vp Mohadi to the official  opening  of Masvingo  City Council Clinic

Battle lines have been drawn in Masvingo urban as CCC councillors fights Mohadi and his cabal

2 March 2023

Wezhira Munya

Brave Masvingo urban Citizens Coalition for Change councillors condemned the invitation of Zanu PF vice president Kembo Mohadi to officially open Masvingo North-West Medical Clinic and Cambrida landfill in Runyararo West suburbs.

The press conference was held at Mayor’s palour.

Mayor Maboke castigated Zanu PF for hijacking the council bussiness and said, Mohadi cannot officially open council clinic because he is not a government officially.

Zanu PF councilors, Manyanga , Chiteme and Deputy Mayor forced Masvingo city management to invitate Zanu PF vice president Mohadi as Elections nears.

The Masvingo councilors and management had agreed that Masvingo Mayor will be the guest of honour at the official opening.

However, Zanu PF has hijacked the official opening.

On the presser seven Masvingo urban CCC members attended: Mayor Collins Maboke ward 2; Clr Serima Maridza ward 1; clr Rocky Kamuzondo ward 3; clr Alec Tabe ward 4; clr Daniel Mberikunashe ward 5; clr Richard Musekiwa ward 7 and clr Babylon Beta ward 9.

Several journalists from different media houses attended the press conference.