Mai Titi Arrested Over Serious Fraud, Theft
3 March 2023
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By Showbiz Reporter | Controversial ZANU PF sociallite, Mai Titi has been arrested and taken to court over duping over 82 women mukando(ponzi)-money.

The development which was previously warned of in ZimEye editorials 2 years ago, later saw the nearly 100 complainants opening a WhatsApp group to coordinate their class action.

The total amount approaches the USD100,000 marker, calculations showed at the time of writing.

ZimEye published a series of investigatives exposing Mai Titi’s scam in 2021.


Murata, popularlywas not asked to plead when she appeared in court on charges of fraud and theft of trust property yesterday.

Mai TT allegedly borrowed US$10 000 from a local businesswoman before she surrendered a hired vehicle as collateral.

It is alleged that in September last year, the accused borrowed money for her business and handed the businesswoman a car as surety.

The court heard that the complainant realised she was duped after the police came to take the car saying it did not belong to Mai TT but to a car rental.

Mai TT was remanded out of custody. – state media/additional reporting