CCC Councillors Boycott Mohadi Programme
4 March 2023
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ZanuPF Masvingo Runyararo Clinic Official Opening A Flop!!

✓Seven CCC Masvingo City Councillors boycotted Kembo Mohadi Runyararo Clinic opening

✓ Less than 100 residents of Masvingo attended the Kembo Mohadi presided function.

✓Kembo Mohadi did not address or read a speech but only cut the ribbon and toured the clinic.

✓ ZanuPF embarrassed as it failed to mobilize people .

✓ The ZanuPF officials outnumbered the Povo.

✓The number of empty chairs in the tent were more than those occupied.

✓ The number of state of art motor vehicles parked at the clinic outnumbered the residents

🇿🇼☝🏿🇿🇼 Patriotic Papa JC speaks when things are not good for Citizens who want better change in Zimbabwe