Chamisa’s Voters Are Dunderheads, Chapman Says
5 March 2023
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By Farai D Hove | New political entrant David Chapman has described people who vote for the current MPs of ZANU PF and CCC as dunderheads.

Chapman who leads the recently formed Democratic Union of Zimbabwe, criticised the legislators over what he alleges is corruption by them. He cited as an example the long awaited allowances dished out invariably as loans of USD40,000 per person.

Swedish MPs are paid USD6000.00 salary per month, no perks.

Zambian MPs are paid USD3,000.00 salary per month, plus perks.

Malawian MPs are paid USD2,100.00 salary per month, plus perks.

Zimbabwean MPs are paid USD117.00 salary per month, plus perks.

He wrote saying, “Don’t be a DUNDERHEAD & vote them back🤦🏽‍♂️

Academic Chipo Dendere commented by asking: “I am really sorry you’ve been getting racially attacked and other mean things.

“Given how toxic our politics is how does it help you to call opposition supporters & presumably their MPs dunderheads?

“How does this stop the toxicity that’s about to rain on you?”

Another commentator, took the opposition entrant in the following discussion: