Hopewell Chin’ono Caught Pants Down
6 March 2023
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By Dr Masimba Mavaza- As ALJAZEERA was preparing to air a documentary that it was trumpeting as a media scoop of the century, the detractors set social media ablaze with the narrative that ZANU PF was panicking.
The belief that ZANU PF was panicking was peddled by a self-proclaimed journalist Hopewell Chin’ono. Chin’ono even alleged that cde Oliver Mandipaka was agitating for his arrest.
It is a shame that Hopewell Chin’ono is a demented attention seeker who will abuse his journalistic skills by lying that he has been targeted for arrest by ZANU PF. His allegations were meant to support his statement that ZANU PF was scared and in a panic mode because of the documentary.
Hopewell CHIN’ONO should be exposed for his deceit and attention-seeking behaviour, which harms the nation.
The people who took part in the expected documentary are known, and they are in Harare and some in England. People like Simba Chikanza, who is not as idiotic as Hopewell, was never threatened with an arrest, yet he contributed in the documentary. Why would Hopewell be the only one threatened with arrest?
Hopewell has found an opportunity to justify his existence by fabricating a story of his arrest.
In case he did not know Oliver Mandipaka is no longer a policeman and can not possibly cause an arrest for a self-serving pathetic and lying journalist.
Attention-seeking behaviour, which Hopewell Chin’ono is showing, is when one acts in a way that is likely to elicit attention. Attention-seeking behaviour is defined as engaging in behaviour designed to attract notice and to make oneself the focus of others’ attention and admiration. Some People engage in positive attention-seeking behaviour independent of the actual benefit or harm to health, but Hopewell engages in very negative attention-seeking, which damages the country’s name. CHIN’ONO does not care about the impact of his lies on the country. Motivations for attention-seeking by Hopewell CHIN’ONO are driven by selfish and cruel motives.
Enjoying the attention of others is socially acceptable in some situations, but in this situation, it is embarrassing and cruel. Hopewell’s excessive need for attention has led to the negative view taken against Zimbabwe.

Attention-seeking behaviour by Hopewell Chin’ono is everywhere in his life and almost all of us have witnessed it at one time or another. We have noticed that he seems to spend too much time on social media, constantly bragging with a seemingly endless need for personal validation. He behaves like a child who has a meltdown while waiting in line at the grocery store, falling on the floor and kicking their legs. This Hopewell culture must be condemned.
The behaviour of Hopewell Goatwell CHIN’ONO, who seems to be seeking undue amounts of attention, are apt and makes us uncomfortable, irritated, and embarrassed. It is embarrassing because we know those involved in the documentary, and Hopewell is not one of them. They are exactly the kinds of behaviours that seem poised to push our buttons. The question is: When is attention-seeking behavior something we can try to ignore, and when it is a problem that might need to be addressed in a more serious way?
CHIN’ONO has the instinct to want to be noticed, taken seriously, and loved. The problem is that when attention-seeking behaviours are motivated by a feeling of low self-esteem, jealousy, loneliness,or because of a psychiatric condition. In these instances, the behaviour can come across as extreme or hysterical. So someone has to seriously check the Mental status of Hopewell CHIN’ONO. He actually needs treatment.
Moreover, his attention-seeking behaviour, which happens frequently is manipulative, passive-aggressive, or severe; it has led him to create a fake Twitter account for Tafadzwa Mugwadi and posting messages which tends to show that ZANU PF was panicking. Hopewell is pushing people away, strain relationships, and ruin lived altogether, his behaviour can best be described as witchcraft.
For the avoidance of doubt ZANU PF is not panicking because the documentary will be no more than a stringing together of a combinition of genuine incidents of corruption and fabricated incidents tarnishing the image of the innocent by associating them with corruption. The major reason for this program is to undermine to good work which is being done by the President and ZANU PF.

ZANU PF does not in any way support corruption. In case CHIN’ONO has forgotten it is
ZANUPF government which established the Zimbabwe Anti CorruptionCommission. A judge was appointed to lead the commission, which has worked to deal with corruption.

Aljazeera has not embarked on a two-year clandestine investigation because they are concerned about corruption in Zimbabwe or anywhere else in the world. What worries ZANU PF is the smearing campaign. The mentioning of corrupt individuals, regardless of their positions in the party is a welcome development. ZANU PF is more than happy to know and expose the corrupt individuals.
What concerned ZANU PF was the fact that Aljazera’s document is designed as an incendiary election campaign weapon. It worries anybody who is serious that the document has been two years inthe making and the timing of its release is poignantly calculated to coincide with the start of our national election campaign season. It is the free and fairness which is breached by a production of a one sided document.

There is no denying that there is corruption in our country much the same way as you will find in any country in the world. What is lamentable here is that the overriding purpose of the documentary is to interfere with the electoral processes of a sovereign state. This is the worry one should have and this is not panicking. We cannot afford to have foreign news media attempting so grossly to interfer with the outcome of our election. That worries any democrat.

Zimbabweans must choose their destiny with no interference from foreigners. Aljazera’s interference is as brazen as it is nauseating. And that indeed worries the party but never panicking.
The reason for serious concern which os not in any way panicking is that this is not about crime from the point of view of the enemy,It is about destroying Zanu PF, its leadership and facilitating regime change.

President ED MNANGAGWA and ZANU PF considers corruption a major challenge to the goals of ending extreme poverty by 2030 and boosting shared prosperity for the poorest 100 percent of people in Zimbabwe.
Corruption has a disproportionate impact on the poor and most vulnerable, increasing costs and reducing access to services, including health, education and justice.
Corruption erodes trust in government and undermines the social contract. The President of Zimbabwe recognises that corruption might impact service delivery. Each type of corruption is important and tackling all of them is critical to achieving progress and sustainable change. To that end the ruling party and the president will never support corruption in any way.
Corruption is a global problem that requires global solutions. So attacking Zimbabwe hiding behind investigative journalism is cruel.
So it must be very clear that there is no panic in the cockpit. The President is in control and he is more than happy to see the documentary. If it comes with clear evidence the criminals will be prosecuted.
It is mischievous for any one to say ZANU PF is panicking. Again there is no one who wants to arrest Chin’ono.