It Is Citizens Duty To Fix Country’s Mess
9 March 2023
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By Gift Ostallos Siziba

Fellow Citizens as you retire to bed tonight think about the state of our country.

We have normalized the abnormal as a people.

For 40 years we have need reduced to nothing!

This country is being looted hook line and sinker!

It is our duty as a people to fix this!

We can do it if we Register as voters!

Fellow Citizens- your vote is your voice and with your voice you have your power- With your power we can Change the world.

This is the only opportunity we have to change our circumstances.

To win big, We must register big!

Where ever you are- tell a friend, a neighbor, workmate, wife, hauband, your children , schoolmates, boyfriend or girlfriend and all your loved ones to register as voters.
This is the Call the Act