Zanu PF Hooligans In Bid To Stop REAP
9 March 2023
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Tinashe Sambiri

Zanu PF hooligans attempted to disrupt the Register, Elect and Protect ( REAP) campaign in Chitungwiza on Wednesday.

CCC youth taskforce spokesperson Stephen Sarkozy Chuma condemned the alarming level of Zanu PF hooliganism and banditry.

Said Chuma:

“REAP Campaign today ( Wednesday) in St Mary’s Ward 3 went well despite attempts by Zanu PF goons to disrupt it.

What we can say is REAP is unstoppable.

ZANU PF thugs tried to disrupt but we resisted. We are peaceful, determined and fearless.

Zanu PF hooligans are provocative, wild, reckless and uncouth.”