“You Don’t Really Need To Invade A Country. You Just Capture The President”
10 March 2023
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VP Chiwenga

Dunderhead got me thinking about who came up with the coup idea.

If a VP is fired like what happened to ED. The right thing to do is run for safety as he did. Was it his idea to come back or was it his master’s? With ED out of the system, did it mean no access to minerals?

Think with me for a second. Getting fired by Mugabe and going back there is not a walk in the park. It’s a suicide mission. Is it fair to say, with ED as VP, his external masters had access to Zim minerals? If ED had been kicked out of the system for good, would it have meant no access to minerals for his masters?

We could draw inferences that the national army was used to remove a Zim president by external and invisible powers. Think about this and how absurd it is. This is a first class traitorous ACT which again is contrary to the new Patriotic Act.

We can deduce that without ED in the system, Mugabe would not have allowed the country’s minerals to go to ED’s masters. The only way for the masters to continue having access to Zim minerals was for Mugabe to go. No one cared about the country’s constitution or the chaos that would happen after that.

A couple years ago, Zim sold a gold mine to the Chinese for $400 million. Now, Zim is about to sell a lithium mine to the Chinese for $1.2billion. Ewan Macmillan said he controls 90% of the government with the Reserve Bank Governor on speed dial. These days, you don’t really need to invade a country. You just capture the president.

ED has never respected the Zimbabwean constitution or the Zimbabwean way of doing things. He answers to his invisible masters who send private jets to collet the country’s minerals regularly. As billions and billions get taken out of the country, Zimbos lose out.

@edmnangagwa does not have an economic plan for the country. He does not have a vision for the country. His mission is to enrich his masters outside the country. This needs to stop, Zimbabwe is not poor but it’s poorly managed by a corrupt government.