Citizens Train Unstoppable
12 March 2023
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By Gift Ostallos Siziba

Fellow citizens, away from the usual noise and distractions, we are fully focused on the task at hand.

A few hours after setting out the Zimbabwe Agenda 2023, Pres Chamisa set in motion our Program of Action with Change Champions and Volunteers today.

Communities are already mobilizing to commence processes to march towards victory.

Volunteers on the ground are also working flat-out to mobilize virgin voters, particularly in light of the last voter registration blitz that commences tomorrow and will be running nation wide

The Visionary has set out the Vision.
The Missionaries are raring to go with the gospel of Change.

From now onwards, hurukuro muzimbabwe ndedzeshanduko.
Indaba enkulu ngeyenguquko!

Join us in all communities and become part of the change project.

All hands on deck to win Zimbabwe for Change.

From us to you with love and solidarity always

CCC Communications