Robert Chapman Falls Into Deep Debt After Multiple Trips To Harare
12 March 2023
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By A Correspondent | The man who “investigative journalist’ Hopewell Chin’ono says owns a private jet, the Democratic Union of Zimbabwe leader, Robert Chapman has fallen into deep debt following multiple trips between Harare and Tennessee.

Chapman has blown thousands of his 4 children’s food money on his political campaign, it has emerged.

Chapman was Thursday afternoon served prosecution papers for contempt of court (over defaulting child support money payments plus visitation failure which has lasted over 3 months.)

Hopewell Chin'ono's claim over Robert Chapman's finances

Chapman, who some Zimbabweans label, Obama, was served at around 3.30pm, Nashville Time, court papers in ZimEye’s possession show.

In the state of Tennessee, when one fails to pay child maintenance and goes into arrears for over 3 months, they’ve broken the law.

Lawyers used court server services to track Robert Chapman upon him entering the Nashville area.

The officers physically chased him up, and their movement is reflected in the following live satellite tracker (officer reflected in the cop icon, that’s moving up the journey trail in the map).

Live software tracker as court server chased Chapman up on Thursday afternoon. Court Sherrif is the
capped officer icon

The software tracked Chapman down to a local hotel.

The development was confirmed by the software used by the local solicitors.

Chapman has child maintenance arrears totalling more than USD10,000 for his 4 children with two different mothers, both based in the US. Papers served yesterday were for his fourth child.

One of the bills has on its own ran above the USD7,000 marker.

Mr Chapman cooperated during the serving, a source told ZimEye.

Contacted for comment via phone, Chapman responded saying he would call back to speak over the court official incident.

‘Hello Robert. Are you well? Want to publish the breaking story regarding the serving of papers that’s just happened against you at 3.30pm. Do you consider yourself financially fit for 2023 elections seeing you keep defaulting on child maintenance, which is a serious offence since 2014?,’ he was asked, to which he asked for more time. “Can I return your call shortly,” he said.

2 hours later, Chapman was still to call, and he was asked once again, ‘Thank you for replying me…but you are still to call. Is it not wise to use the Harare flight money for your kids? Time is moving. I have a deadline on the o-clock for your final comment,’ he was told.

The latest development is one ina string of several others since 2014, when a judge ordered for his arrest over the first arrears running over USD12,000.

Chapman divorced his first wife in December 2010, and Thursday’s development regards his second marriage which was terminated 3 years ago.

In 2014, the Catoosa County Superior court in Georgia ordered Chapman to pay $500 a child. He was dragged him to court as his wife sought to compel him to pay child support.

“…Robert Howard Chapman does not pay $500 per month toward said child support arrears until paid in full, upon affidavit of Plaintiff, the Defendant shall be confined to the common jail of Catoosa County for his wilful failure and refusal to abide by the lawful order of this Court until the remaining arrears are paid in full,” read an order by Judge Brian House of the Catoosa County Superior Court.

“It is further ordered, adjudged, and decreed that the defendant shall continue to pay the sum of $873 per month as current support, in addition to the purge amount of $500 per month,” the ruling read.

Despite Chapman later clearing the total amount over USD12,000, he has accrued a new burden, running beyond USD11,000 for the four kids, as at Friday, today.

Chapman’s party was unreachable at the time of writing.