Cyclone Freddy Kills At Least 56 In Malawi And Mozambique
14 March 2023
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A long-lasting cyclone that is refusing to dissipate has torn through Malawi and Mozambique killing at least 56 people and leaving many others injured or missing.

At least 51 have died in Malawi and five have been confirmed dead in Mozambique.

Authorities in Malawi say they expect the death toll to rise.

Cyclone Freddy hit Africa for the second time in a month on Saturday night causing widespread devastation.

It has broken records for the number of times it has re-intensified after weakening – seven times.

It is also set to be the longest-ever recorded tropical cyclone, and has the highest-ever recorded accumulated energy for a storm – that is how much energy a cyclone has released over a certain time.

So far, it has recorded more energy over its lifetime than a whole typical US hurricane season.

And the cyclone hasn’t subsided yet, according to French weather agency Meteo-France’s regional centre, which warned “the heaviest rains will continue over the next 48 hours”.

On Saturday, Freddy made landfall in the seaport of Quelimane in Zambezia province, Mozambique, where there were reports of damage to houses and farmlands.

One family in Malawi died after torrid winds and rain destroyed their house, according to authorities.

Among the victims is a three-year-old child who was “trapped in the debris” with her parents reported missing, authorities said.

On the toll of casualties and missing people, Malawi police spokesperson Peter Kalaya said: “We suspect that this figure will rise as we are trying to compile one national report from our southwest, southeast and eastern police offices which cover the affected areas.”

-Sky News