Darkest Hour Is Before Dawn – President Chamisa
14 March 2023
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Tinashe Sambiri|CCC leader President Nelson Chamisa has implored the uniformed forces to be strong, objective and non-partisan in the execution of respective duties.

In a statement on Twitter, the CCC leader called for due diligence and unwavering professionalism among the uniformed forces.

“Dear Civil servants & our uniformed patriotic officers;I know what you are going through. Be strong, non-partisan and remain loyal to Zimbabwe and its citizens. Professionalism first not Cadreship.The darkest hour is just before dawn.The sun will soon rise in Zimbabwe. #OnePeople,” President Chamisa posted on Twitter.

“Dear Zimbabwe; It’s possible to get our country working & great again. It’s possible to wake up to a rewarding job in a Zimbabwe with a capable state,its own currency, electricity,water,high speed internet and the best roads, schools & hospitals. It’s possible. #RegisterToVoteNow,” added the CCC leader.