Cheater Says It Was Self Defence
16 March 2023
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The attempted murder trial of a Harare woman, accused of trying to kill her husband, got underway in Harare yesterday.
Jollie Maravanyika pleaded not guilty before regional magistrate Taurai Manuwere.

The State claimed that Maravanyika, who was married to Ally Mupamanda, was having an affair with her husband’s workmate, Ronald Ndoro.

Mupamanda was said to have returned home from work, in the afternoon one day, and Maravanyika tried to stop him from getting into the house.

Mupamanda forced his way in and found Ndoro sitting on his matrimonial bed. The two engaged in a fist fight.

During the fight, Maravanyika allegedly grabbed a kitchen knife and stabbed her husband on the back and left thigh.

Ndoro fled in the process. Mupamanda told the court that he sustained deep cuts on his back.

However, Maravanyika told the court that Mupamanda was not her husband, but her estranged lover, with whom she has a child.

She told the court that he got jealous when he saw her with his workmate, whom she was doing business with.

She accused him of starting the fight and said she was forced to take the knife in self defence and stabbed him to save herself.

The trial continues on March 27.

Joice Fusire appeared for the State. -H Metro