Struggle for Democracy in Zimbabwe: Will It Ever Be Reality?
16 March 2023
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By Divine Mafa | Zimbabwe has been struggling with the concept of democracy for decades. The country has witnessed rigged elections, voter intimidation, bribery, and even killings of opposition supporters. The ruling party has also been accused of using religious organizations to sway voters in their favor. This has resulted in the destruction of the country’s economy and brought about international sanctions.

BITMAFA: Divine Mafa

Despite this, the people of Zimbabwe still yearn for democracy. However, it seems that the implementation of democracy in African countries is far more difficult than anticipated. Zimbabwe is a prime example of this. The country’s rulers have cheated elections and killed those who didn’t vote for them. They have bribed those who should vote for them and organized churches to threaten voters.

The struggle for democracy in Zimbabwe has been met with immense suffering. The country has been sanctioned by the international community, and its citizens have been subjected to violence and economic hardship. But what if Zimbabwe had a monarchy instead of a democratic government? Would the people still suffer as they do now?

Some argue that if Zimbabwe had a king, they would not have to go through the democratic process. There would be no elections, and people would not have to be forced to vote or killed for not voting. This would result in peace and stability for the country. In fact, countries like Saudi Arabia, which do not have elections, have a good relationship with the United States Of America. A protected eternity.

However, others argue that democracy is essential for the country’s growth and development. They believe that the struggle for democracy is worth it, even if it means suffering in the short term. They argue that democracy provides a platform for accountability and transparency, which is necessary for the country’s economic and social development.

In conclusion, the struggle for democracy in Zimbabwe is a complex issue that cannot be easily solved. The people of Zimbabwe want democracy, but the process of implementing it has been met with immense suffering. The idea of a monarchy as an alternative to democracy may seem tempting, but it is not a guaranteed solution. Ultimately, the people of Zimbabwe must decide what form of governance best suits their needs and aspirations.

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