If You Don’t Pay Tithe, I Will Kill Myself, Prophet Tells Congregants
17 March 2023
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By Dudzai Chikwakawo

It is said that the prophet of miracles of making people rich and giving charms of love Isaac Makomichi of Masvingo said that if people do not pay tithe he will hang himself in the church.

These words are said to have caused people to put a lot of money, fearing that the prophet would kill himself, Isaac Makomichi who is said to be the best at enriching people and solving difficult marriages

The magician (Makomichi) also demanded that every christian in Zimbabwe,South Africa and Zambia must bring their tithes to him as he declared himself the only prophet who has the right to eat their monies

Makomichi said those who are willing to pay their tithe to him must contact him on +263777469342

Some church leaders say that the prophet (Isaac Makomichi) has too much the power and grace , but they cannot let Makomichi collect tithes from their followers

It said that so many people are visiting Makomichi to get fortune charms and love potions