Mnangagwa Bribes Chiefs With Motor Vehicles
17 March 2023
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CHIEFS have praised the Second Republic for restoring the dignity of the traditional leaders and prioritising programmes that are transforming rural livelihoods.

Traditional leaders attending the annual Chief’s Council in Bulawayo have applauded the Second Republic under the leadership of President Emmerson Mnangagwa for investing resources in infrastructure development programmes meant to improve lives in rural communities.

Deputy President of the National Chiefs Council, Chief Mtshane Khumalo said government efforts to eradicate hunger through the supply of inputs and irrigation development are well-appreciated by the traditional leadership.

“We as chiefs are happy that our President has restored our dignity and the commitment to continued support on food to those who were affected by the poor rainy season. We also thank the President for availing resources for the general development in communal areas where over 10 million people live and this is also well appreciated.

“The support in availing medical Aid to chiefs will also go a long way in ensuring that our health is improved,” he said.

Other chiefs hailed the government’s approach to rural development and the availing of vehicles to traditional leaders which enables them to easily interact with their subjects.- ZBC News

Meanwhile, President Mnangagwa handed over vehicles to 38 chiefs who were installed recently.