Winky D For Parliament
17 March 2023
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By Showbiz Reporter | It was in July 2018 when the singer offloaded the melody Gaffa in Parliament. The electricity from the song was poignant, while igniting. We want the Gaffa in Parliament!, became the national mood, with even CCC President Nelson Chamisa speaking it out at his rallies.

5 years later, the povo have proposed the Gaffa person himself to enter the august house to blast its roof off once ans for all. How will Jacob Mudenda take it at a time when opposition MPs are being wiped out of the profession? How will the masses see it? But most importantly, how will the Gaffa gaffarise this thought?

Incorporating Winky D will be a wise move for the CCC, ZimEye postulates.

The upcoming few days could define the future of Zimbabwe with Winky D at its focus.

Must Winky step into party?