Chivhu Killer Mom To Be Sentenced On March 24
19 March 2023
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THE Chivhu woman, Emeldah Marizanhi, who killed her four children in cold blood in 2020 after her husband threatened to marry a second wife, has been convicted of four counts murder.

Stepping up to deliver his verdict was High Court Judge Justice Munamato Mutevedzi, who found Marizanhi (30) guilty of four counts of murder of her children, who were aged nine, five, three and one by their throats.

In his judgment, Justice Mutevedzi described Marizanhi as a fearless and cold-hearted woman who killed her children to settle her scores with her husband who was abusing her.

He also noted that her claims of having been insane at the time she killed the children does not hold water since the evidence showed that the murders were premeditated.

Justice Mutevedzi added that Marizanhi did not exhibit any signs of insanity as she was able to give graphic details of how she killed her children and why she did it.

The judge said Marizanhi had no intention to kill herself since she gave herself an opportunity to live as she left the house she had set ablaze after she killed the children.

Marizanhi will be sentenced next week on Friday the 24th of March.

Marizanhi gruesomely murdered her four children by lacing their drinks with poison before slitting their throats using a knife.

She went on to set the house on fire and handed herself over to the police.

Marizanhi was having marital problems with her husband, who had threatened to marry a second wife.-ZBC News